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Everyone will have the trouble in choosing a digital keyboard that is most like a piano for better use. The digital keyboards also come in various counts of keys, according to which you can choose yours. The provided list of MIDI keyboards for beginners as well as pros will aid you in finding the one suitable for you.

Here the difficulty is that there are a lot of MIDI keyboards with good performance to pick from in 2021. Even trying to initiate can be suffocating, without even being half the way through the process of shopping with at least 100 open tabs.

Then all kinds of questions will be raising in your mind, asking which MIDI keyboard would suit me the best ? Where to buy ? Whether it is good to buy one or not ? What amount should I pay out ? and so on. 

So we’re going to optimize it for you today and present you the top choices of best keyboard for music production as of 2021. These choices will suit the needs of any manufacturer as it is given from previous versions to fresh models for better reference:

  • Mini MK2 Akai MPK
  • Novation 25 MK2 Launchkey
  • K-Board Instruments by Keith McMillen 
  • Oxygen 25 M-Audio
  • QuNexus Instruments by Keith McMillen 
  • MiniLab 25 by Arturia
  • Kontrol M32 NI Komplete 
  • 49 MK2 Launchkey Novation
  • 61 MK2 Novation Launchkey
  • Essential 61 Arturia KeyLab
  • Kontrol A49 or Kontrol A61 NI komplete
  • Seaboard ROLI Block 
  • 49 ROLI Seaboard RISE 
  • Kontrol S49 or Kontrol S61 NI Komplete
  • MPK261 Akai 
  • KeyLab 88 by Arturia

If you don’t want, just skip this part and go directly to the content about keyboards. Or else, continue to read.


Asking yourself whether you’re really committed to getting a new part of machinery into your studio before you purchase any of the choices listed above.

Other than that, here some important considerations that should be considered as given below: 

If you are covered by either of these factors for purchasing:

  • Unable to compose melodies or chords
  • Not able to finish the tracks
  • having less knowledge about music theory
  • Bored by music sounds
  • Uninspired feeling about making music

then you are having a fair chance to clarify yourself before making any decision on buying. It is not like that keyboard with MIDI keyboard controller won’t help, the fact is that your problems won’t be solved.

Also, if you are new to music production with no previous knowledge of music, well I would suggest putting it on hold.

First of all, get familiar with your Digital Audio Workstation, learn perfectly the fundamentals about the production and then start studying some theory of music. Because the more alternatives mean greater distractions


Greater the number of keys, there will be more intervals you can have to operate at the very same time period, without any need to use the octave hop button uncomfortably.

And when it is for the number of keys, it is always better to use more keys in case of composing complex music pieces that can obviously use a complete keyboard. If you are young, though, start out little by little and gradually build up your knowledge.


Also, the sensation of the key as you push it down. Many MIDI keyboard for Ableton are provided with a feature known as synth weighting, that recreates most of the analog synths with almost the same sensation.

Fully weighted keys sound similar to that of the grand piano’s sound, and do have a great amount of reluctance to them.

A perfect piano players will advise you that you should give preference to weighted keys as those keys will teaches you better, but to be honest, if you commence to play live, you are only going to provide what you have.Yeah, do play what suits you instead of choosing weighting when you are not able to do it with perfection.


The exciting stuff is that these are some of the aspects that extend and contribute enhancement for the expression in your studio.

You ought to offer your ideal flow of work with some consideration. If you are going to include playing drums? some pads can do so .

When we come to hear or know about some application, a software or some other equipment then we will be excited about it, this always happens to us. And then suddenly we will hear some words which are soul-destroying like “Ah, It’s just a Mac”- a big blow.

Alright, in 2021, you would be hard pushed to find an MIDI keyboard which is platform-oriented, or even needs the installation of a driver. Nowadays, most of them are considered class-compliant, which needs to be plugged in and then it works.

Despite, for the reason that is mentioned above, I include this here that we would like to ensure that we could use it straight ahead. Hence, with every MIDI keyboard, ensure to follow the accessibility information.

If you are interested in sound designing and would like to conduct some live macro-tweaking, it is better to get some encoders or knobs.

Would you like to combine on the run, maybe? Make sure if it is provided with few faders in it.


As for myself, I’m not certain why these businesses provide their goods with so many tech incentives. Ableton Lite will surely won’t benefit me if I do already have a Digital Audio Workstation that I have to utilize the keyboard?

Yet no one cares about my thinking. If you really want extras, make sure that you see clearly what arrives with every MIDI keyboard, because some of the MIDI keyboards for beginners could be cool, such as samples, free plugins or some trial subscriptions.

Let ‘s immediately hop into it otherwise!