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The Purpose of the Video, Extend Your Event

When organizing an event, be it corporate, sports or musical, it is important to be able to increase the reach of the event. A singapore event videography retracing the highlights of your event will have a positive impact on a wider audience. Imagine, if your event brings together 500 people and then you have 10’000 people watching the video. Your communication will have much more impact and your customers, sponsors, partners; brands will take advantage of this additional fallout.

A video, a multitude of possible broadcast channels

One of the big advantages of the video is the broadcast possibilities it offers. Here are a few and our suggestions for optimiser

Social networks

With Facebook in mind, singapore event videography is a media of choice on social networks. By publishing your video directly on the platform and boosting the publication (Pay to increase the broadcast of your video), you will get results and a ROI more than satisfactory. The trick is to target the people you want to reach and Facebook offers a lot of possibilities in this direction (Location, Age, Sex, but also interests).

Video platform

Youtube is the second largest search engine worldwide (just behind Google). This means that many people will use Youtube to search for information about your company or event. Depending on your objectives and especially the frequency with which you publish new videos, it may be interesting to create channels on singapore event videography platforms. Youtube tends to be more viral than Vimeo, but Vimeo enjoy a more qualitative platform and video encoding. So the choice will be based on your goals.

Own website

A video is a good way to tell your story, to convey an emotion and a message. A video on a web page will greatly increase its interest, its reading rate and the duration on the page. All factors that will help refer to it on google. Video is also a good way to promote your next event.


If you have a list of emails from your customers and prospects, emailing is a very good channel. In addition, a singapore event videography is always well received and is rarely considered spam by your prospects. And best of all, a video increases the opening rate of an emailing campaign by 80%.

PR, Press, Bloggers

Often forgotten, the press and influencers can be a good channel for broadcasting your event video. An upstream relational work is necessary so that the video is expected and shared the day of its release but it is a call that can be very powerful.

Video corporate event:

By definition an event happens at a time T, it will ask you a titanic preparation time and that the event lasts 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week, it will go at the speed of lightning. Having a video that tells your story will allow you to complete a series of objectives. First, the video event will expand in time and in the number of people affected by increasing the visibility. And secondly it will be a good way to thank your sponsors, the people present, as much “client” as the staff. But another goal that you will be able to fill with your video is the fact that you will want to make people who are not present want to come to the next invitations!

Corporate evening video:

As with event video, the goal is to extend your corporate night by making a video. Your employees are the image of your company and they will have fun to find these good moments a few days later on the internal network of your company and why not also externally.

Video of your musical event – festival:

As for the sporting event, a music festival works thanks to 3 elements, sponsorship (and support), volunteers and the public! What better than to send them a few weeks later a nice summary of their work and their involvement. It will certainly be a very emotional moment!

Film creators, multi-purpose video production company

For us, being versatile means having the ability to adapt to your needs and goals. This while bringing our expertise and know-how in terms of:

Video production

Artistic direction

Digital marketing strategy

The field of activity is wide and our trademark is the high quality treatment of your project as much by the care taken in the shooting as by history. All of our projects are shot in ultra high definition 6K and converted to suit your 4K or HD needs.


The day I got my first MIDI keyboard, I still recall.Till now I can’t forget the day when I had my first MIDI Keyboard Controller. 

Even though I played a little part of the piano every now and then, I didn’t get one which fitted with my machine.

And then, when I unveiled my very first Axiom Pro M-Audio keyboard with 25 MIDI keys, I really felt great like entering into a different world.


The keyboards which are often used by producers are MIDI keyboards also can be addressed as producer keyboards. These producer keyboards which are nothing but an electronic device along with piano’s keyboard and most frequently, with different selectable controls such as modulation wheels, faders, knobs and some buttons.


Professional musicians tend to rely on the series of Novation MIDI keyboard since it provides immediate control on the sounds which is the simplest way of creating and performing electronic music along with the Ableton software.


Whatever, It is you cannot refuse it even though they are not necessary as this studio keyboard is a reliable addition for a studio and you can make music with keyboard.

Instead of pulling them into the MIDI editor, it’s like a totally different world full of ideas about music and concepts accessed via the activity of performing notes in it.

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